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What is a good cure for insomnia? What do you usually do when you have insomnia?
I usually surf the net or watch tv. I hear reading Tax code is a great way to put yourself to sleep!
Duct tape: love it or hate it?

Love it! Would love it even better if I could use it on some peoples mouths!

What season causes you the most health problems?

Winter, as all the germs and the cold air kill me and my lungs

Do you still own any articles of clothing from your school years? Do you ever wear it/them?

No, but I do have pants from back when I was a size 4. Seriously happy I am not that thin now!

Have you ever been outside in a blizzard?

I have both driven and played in Blizzard conditions. I miss being young and actually enjoying the snow.

Front porch or back deck?

Depends on if I want to socialize or if I just want to keep to myself.  Plus my back is fenced in so it is more fun to play there with kids and dog. We sadly had to rip our deck down this last summer. Due to in being improperly attached to the house, it was causing water damage.

A man knocks on your door. He says he’s from the future—and he can prove it. More important, he says he has information that will save your life. Describe what happens next.

He better have some amazing proof! I do not believe a person can travel back in time in the same time line if ever at all. And what in the world would be so important for someone to use that kind of tech just to come back and save MY life.

 Where would you go to ring in the end of the world? Why’s this literally the last place on Earth you’d celebrate?

I would go back home to Joy and Matt’s house. I would gather all of my family and we would enjoy each others company till the end. This has always been the best place to gather with my loved ones.

What household project do you keep putting off? How long have you done so? Will it ever get done?

Paper work. I hate having to do paper work. My husband and I have completely different ideas on filing things.
What do you currently have a hankering for?

Brains! No seriously I really want french fries and BBQ sauce right now.

Are you more of the Scarecrow or the Tin Man? Do you lead with your head or your heart?

I am a tin scarecrow. My heart leads me but my head always trump in the end.

  What questions would you ask your great-great-grandparents if you could chat with them today?

What was life like for them at my age. What was going on in the world when they where growing up. Information on my ancestors.

 What song makes you laugh out loud every single time you hear it?

“I’m sexy and I know it” I think of Andrew or my youngest dancing to it 🙂

 Describe your favorite pair of shoes. Explain why you like them so much.

My beat up Sketchers. They are a bit big and so comfy. They are my I’m home and relaxed shoes.

What’s the temperature outside? Sunny? Cloudy? Stormy?

Sunny and warm. Bye bye ice!

You’re riding an elevator when the power goes out. Five minutes later, the pregnant woman next to you goes into labor. What do you do?

Make sure she is calm. Talk to her and reassure her it will be ok. Get her to lay back and relax and time her contractions.  Keep her conversing  and her mind off  the situation as best as possible. Make sure I get medical info like drug allergies exc; in case it is needed. Wait for help to arrive.

3) What holiday annoys you the most?

Easter.  I’m not a huge fan of the Easter bunny .

 Are you more likely spend a gift of $1000 on practical things (food, bills, etc.) or on something you’ve been wanting but couldn’t afford?

A bit of everything. If it didn’t  all go towards practical things I would blow it on the kids most likely.


You wake up in a darkened circus tent, wearing a bright blue and yellow clown costume and a fluffy red wig. There is a dwarf standing over you with bucket of water. “You okay?” he asks. What’s going on?

I was sucked into that weird part of Youtube wasn’t I ?

 If you could be a member of any band in history, which would it be? What would your role be, or have been? 

I would either do lights for U2 or be a costume designer for Panic@ The disco

You wake up chained to the wall of a medieval torture room. The torture devices are laid out on a table in front of you. What’s your plan?

I’m in the weird part of WOW right?  First I try to wiggle my hand out of the chains. (Being double jointed) one hand comes lose and I stretch towards a table of torture tools. Try as I might nothing will pry the chained cuff off of my wrist. As I hear thunderous foot steps and grunting approaching my Dungeon door I step back towards the wall. I hide my free hand behind my back with the sharpest of the nasty tools. As the monstrous ogre (who I can only assume has come to do away with me) enters my cell and  approaches  me, I stab him in the eyes with my stolen tool. As he wails  and grasp frantically at his now mutilated eye  sockets, I grab the keys from his belt. Unlocking my chained wrist I grab my bow and daggers and free my pet lion who is also caged with in my dungeon cell.  I use my stealth and my very hungry lion to make my way thru the Ogres village to safety…..and a very tall mug of Mead!!

For your memoir, describe what you looked like as a teenager.

I had ratty 80’s  hair, too much makeup, dressed like I was a hooker, was way too thin, and something you would NOT bring home to mom.

 Describe a dream you had that was prophetic in nature.

The night before my Grandfather passed away I had a dream he went into Cardiac arrest and passed away.

Do you know any recipes by heart? If so, write one down off the top of your head.

You will need a bowl, a spoon a box of cereal and milk. Fill bowl half way with cereal, poor in enough milk to cover cereal.  Use spoon to eat!

If you could be any book character, who would it be?

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy . Other than the fact she ends up with Dimitri there are just so many aspects to her character I can relate to as she grows from a teen to an incredible and powerful woman.

What’s guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?

Stupid people, oh lord the stupid people!!

If you were stranded somewhere, what would be the hardest thing for you to do: start a fire, eat unfamiliar food, sleep on the ground without a tent, or not be clean?

I would have the hardest time eating unfamiliar food. I am picky and have many allergies so it would make me extremely anxious.

What would you say to your 16-year-old self, and why?

Call him!  Dan is a douche bag! School is sooooo important!!

What scent (candle, soap, perfume) do you think should be banned because it’s just so annoying?

Anything Gardenia….YUCK!

Who do you hope remembers you fondly?

My father, as the lord knows I was not the easiest child to have!

What do you do when you find out there is a big storm on its way?

Get ready for the headache or the anxiety. I’m pretty sensitive to the weather.

What is one thing that always makes you lose control of your emotions?

Children being abused or hurting in some way

What one thing frightens you the most about growing old?

Being incapacitated to a point I can’t enjoy life.

What is the single worst thing about living at this point in history?

The lack of respect for life.

What is one food you will never give up?


Would you be willing to eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000?

Sure why not?!

What’s the first movie you remember ever seeing in a theater?

One of the older Star Wars movies

If you needed to carry a weapon with you all the time, what would you choose?

9mm Glock

If you could rid your family of one thing, what would it be?


What is one thing that repeatedly makes you angriest?

People that create drama or always have to be part of it. Seriously, life is to short get over it.

What two colors should never, in your opinion, appear together in an outfit or decorating scheme?

Green and pink!

If somoene were trying to woo your significant other away from you, what methods would bring them the most success?

They would have to be incredibly intelligent in his field of work and wicked hot.

What is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard?

A baby coo

If your parents were to confess to the most shocking thing you can imagine, what would it be?

That I was adopted







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